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Multi UV+Primer



Love you all is a specially formulated line of skin care products for the needs of every tender loving family. We use only honest ingredients and honest production methods that meet or exceed industry standards. Good for all skin types

for your precious child

The 1st choice for your precious child We put the love, hope and joy of every expecting mom into each bottle of our skin care products that are especially formulated for infants

safest ingredients

We put into our products the heart of every choosy mom who’ll accept nothing but the very best for their loved ones
FDA Approved Functional Cosmetic

Free of Chemical Absorbent
Used non-chemical filter!
Also safe on sensitive skin

2 In 1
Blocks UV rays + Skincare
Shield face from the sun and cover up your bare face at once

NEW Up-Grade
Premium sunscreen with minimal white residue (that physically blocks UV rays)

Four-Season Formula
Enhanced skin care protects and keeps skin healthy even during temperamental change of seasons

Sunscreen with enhanced skin hydration and skin care performance
High performance (UV blocking) sun screen with fortified polyglutamic acid, beta-glucan, ceramide and other skin care ingredients to protect, moisturize and maintain healthy looking skin.

365-day double protection against UV rays
Simultaneous double blocking effect that physically shields your skin against UVA and UVB.

We use non-chemical filter that contains no artificial UV ray absorbent.
Contains no chemical absorbents that can irritate the skin, but instead, use substances that reflect and physically block UV rays to protect the skin. Can use on sensitive skin without worries regarding microsized residues that get unabsorbed into skin and cause irritation

Sunscreen that is resistance to summer sweat and humidity
Prescription for W/S (wastewater). Our non-sticky formula doesn’t wash off easily by sweat or water, and provides skin with protection against UV rays and other externally damaging environmental factors.

System of natural preservatives and prescription for minimalizing skin-irritation
Organic UV-absorber free, paraben free, fragrance free, mineral oil-free

Premium Sunscreen (physically deflects UV rays) with minimized white residue effect
Free of tar coloring, fragrance and incense. Premium sunscreen that physically deflects UV rays. Gentle on skin, improves and minimizes the effect of white residue, and leaves a clean feeling of wearing an essence.

Physically blocks UV rays while enhancing (strengthening) skin care ingredients.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate, Beta-Glucan - Hydration storage that attracts moisture from the atmosphere to keep skin feeling dewy
  • Polyglutamic Acid, Sodium PCA - Natural moisturizing factor that provides dewy-feeling hydration
  • Ceramide 3, Phytosphingosine - Promotes strengthening of skin barrier

Portulaca Oleracea Extract
Skin hydration

Chamomile Flowers Extract
Promotes skin soothing

Promotes skin soothing and elasticity

Aloe Vera
Enhances skin maintain moisture

The Stickiness Test
Put oil paper immediately on the back of the hand after applying product. The paper clung slightly on to skin, but no oil was absorbed

Peel oil paper off hand and see the cleanliness on other side.

We recommend our product to…
  • Those who are burdened by the heaviness multi –layered makeup.
  • Those who need sunscreen in natural skin tone.
  • Those with sensitive skin after laser treatments and chemical peeling
Multi UV Primer Plus
Get rid of the heaviness of armor ~!
Shield against the sun while concealing your bare face!

Love You All is skincare made safe, by mothers with strict safety standards

Cosmetics for the whole family that places health, safety, hygiene, and quality as its #1 priority

Pregnancy-Safe Criteria
Formulated without irritants for use during pregnancy. Safe on all skin.